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The Libertarian Party (LP) is America's third largest political party.With over 500,000 members, it has over twice as many members as the next largest party.

The LP tends to be more popular in rural and suburban communities than it is in largest cities. Our chapter is changing that by showing Brooklynites that the LP shares your values and your skepticism of the two party system, which is failing all of us.

You can join the Brooklyn LP and still be a registered member of another political party such as the Democrats or Republicans.

Everyone is invited to Brooklyn LP meetings, but only official members can participate in official decision-making processes.

Members Can:

  • Converse on our Members-Only Listserv
  • Develop our Meeting Agendas
  • Vote on Official Items
  • Run for Officer Positions

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You can register for the Brooklyn LP by sending a check to:

Libertarian Party of Brooklyn
P.O. Box 23332
Brooklyn, NY 11202

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