Brooklyn Forms a Libertarian Party Interim County Organization (ICO)

At the regularly scheduled Brooklyn Libertarian Party meeting on October 15th, 2019, eleven registered Libertarians came together to form the King’s County Libertarian Party Interim County Organization (ICO).

The ICO is the official affiliate in King’s County of the now-approved New York State Libertarian Party.

At the event, the following officers were elected by attendees to the executive committee of the Brooklyn ICO:

  • Chair: Devin Balkind
  • Vice Chair: Daniel Christmann
  • Treasurer: Gil Midonnet
  • Secretary: Bradford Wilson

Since the NYS Libertarian Party is now an “approved” party of New York State, we have to operate under NY State election law, which requires the creation of these committees and the vesting of certain powers in these committees.

To learn more about the committee, its roles, responsibilities and functions, please read our bylaws.

We’ll summarize these changes and post them to the web shortly.

We look forward to work with liberty lovers everywhere to build up the Libertarian Party in Brooklyn, NY.

-Devin Balkind, Chair, Brooklyn Interim County Organization of the New York State Libertarian Party

Brooklyn Libertarian Party