New Leaders Emerge at Brooklyn Libertarian Party Annual Convention

The Brooklyn Libertarian Party held its annual convention on January 15th, 2018 at Cherry Tree Bar in Brooklyn, New York. Elections for officer positions took place. Devin Balkind was elected as chair. This will be his second term serving in that position. Bradford Wilson was elected as vice chair, Kate Nicholson was elected Secretary, Rivkah Weissberger was elected Treasurer and Gary Popkin was appointed the county’s representative to the New York Libertarian Party’s Transition Committee.

Thanks to the heroic efforts and massive success of Larry’s Sharpe 2018 Libertarian gubernatorial campaign, the New York Libertarian Party (“NYLP”) received the votes needed to earn official recognized party status under New York State election law. This means that, starting in spring of 2019, people will finally be able to register to vote as “Libertarians”, ballot access has become much easier for LP candidates and the NYLP will hold primaries the same Democrats and Republicans do.

The first election in which Libertarians will enjoy automatic ballot access will be the November 2019 Public Advocate special election.

“Over the course of the next four years, the now official Libertarian Party in New York City will have the opportunity to field candidates for approximately 100 city and state elected offices. It’s an honor to serve as chair during this important period in NYLP history” says chair Devin Balkind.

Brooklyn Libertarian Party