The New Chair’s Agenda

As the Libertarian Party’s Candidate for NYC Public Advocate in 2017, I advanced the idea that government could be made dramatically more transparent and participatory by adopting appropriate technologies. As chair of the Brooklyn Libertarian Party, I will bring that same solutions-oriented thinking and doing to the local party.

Here are some of the practical goals I will pursue:

  • Encourage More Collaboration and Productivity:
    • I’ll act as a facilitator who makes it as easy as possible for party members to work together to build the party.
    • I will encourage people to work with me to develop meeting agendas, organize events, write press releases, and perform other party functions.
    • Transparent chapter operations so we all know how many members we have, how much money we have, how it’s being spent, etc.
    • While I will be trying to empower people to perform more party functions, if people don’t, I will make SURE everything gets done.
  • More Events, Less Meetings
    • I will continue to ensure there is at least one event per month.
    • Events will alternate between restaurants, bars and other places of interest.
    • We will welcome people to participate in meetings virtually so (a) more people can attend and (b) it’s easier for new people to see what’s happening.
    • Meetings will be held in accessible, central locations, and be publicized at least one week before they’re held.
    • I will reach out to other third-parties and political groups to explore collaborations around events so we can expand our outreach and get new members.
  • A Clear, Well Documented Communication Strategy with a:
    • Listserv for paid/active members where we can discuss issues, propose agenda items, alert people to pending decisions, etc.
    • Email newsletter that anyone interested in our chapter can receive.
    • Press contacts list that we maintain.
    • More consistent posting to the website, Facebook and Meetup pages.
  • Ambitious but reasonable growth goals for the year:
    • 25 new dues paying members
    • 100 more people on the newsletter list
    • 1,000 Facebook fans

If you have other ideas for how we can strengthen the chapter, please let us know.


Image by Pat Loika

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